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From Ty to Dad: Exploring the Fascinating World of Similar Nouns in English and Spanish!

Photo by Christina Morillo on ¡Hola, amigos! Today, we’ll explore a unique phenomenon: nouns…

Nov 24, 2023
Adverbial Expressions of Time: Unlock the Secrets of Temporal Language
Adverbial Expressions of Time: Unlock the Secrets of Temporal Language

¡Hola, amigos! Welcome again to the fascinating world of Spanish language learning. In this post,…

Nov 24, 2023
Uppercase in English, Lowercase in Spanish!
Uppercase in English, Lowercase in Spanish!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Hey there, my incredible students! Let’s dive into an…

Nov 24, 2023
When We Don’t Need a “Person” in Spanish
When We Don’t Need a “Person” in Spanish

Photo by lil artsy on Let’s dive into a cool topic today: how English…

Nov 24, 2023
Subjunctive Triggers: Non-Verbal Expressions
Subjunctive Triggers: Non-Verbal Expressions

Photo by SHVETS production on There are many non-verbal expressions or words that can…

Nov 25, 2023
What is “América” in Spanish?
What is “América” in Spanish?

Photo by Pixabay on Hey, so here’s the deal with the Spanish word América.…

Nov 25, 2023
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Subjunctive Triggers in a Snap: Verbs!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Check out this short list of some common Spanish…

Nov 25, 2023
Nouns Ending in Consonants in a Snap!
Nouns Ending in Consonants in a Snap!

Photo by Pixabay on Some things and abstract concepts in Spanish end with consonants.…

Nov 25, 2023
The Many Meanings of “Seguir” in a Snap!
The Many Meanings of “Seguir” in a Snap!

Photo by Vanessa Garcia on Hey there! Did you know that the Spanish verb…

Nov 25, 2023
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ciudadano: citizen

Check: My First 50 Nouns About People!


en resumen: in short

convertirse en: to become

responsabilidad: responsibility

Check: Nouns Ending in “Dad” in a Snap!

ley: law (pl. leyes)

Check: Feminine Nouns Ending in Consonants!

proponer: to propose

Check: Verbs Created From “Poner” in a Snap!

población: 1. population / 2. town, settlement

Check: Nouns Ending in “Ción” in a Snap!


representante: representative

Check: Nouns Ending in “Nte” in a Snap!


Cámara de Representantes: House of Representatives

subir y bajar: to get on and off (a vehicle)

máquina expendedora: vending machine

vez: time (frequency)

disculpa (tú), disculpe (usted), disculpen (ustedes): excuse me

encontrarse: to meet, to get together

plazo fijo: fixed-term deposit


deuda: debt

a largo plazo: in the long term

hipoteca: mortgage

siempre: always

Check: Adverbs of Frequency in a Snap!

ahorros: savings

financiero: financial

guardar: to save, to put away

la bolsa: the stock market

invertir: to invest

he tenido: I have had

Check: The Compound Past in a Snap!

¿has estado viendo…?: have you been seeing?

Check: The Progressive Compound Past in a Snap!

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inversión: investment

medir: to measure

así como: as well as

mientras tanto: meanwhile, in the meantime

un rato: a little while, a bit

también: also, too

depósito: warehouse, stockroom

patrón: boss, chief

conocer: to know, to meet, to visit for the first time

Check: My First ER Verbs in a Snap!

tarjeta de crédito: credit card

pagar: to pay

Check: My First AR Verbs in a Snap!

hijo: son / hija: daughter

Check: My First 50 Nouns about People!


necesitar: to need

Check: My First AR Verbs in a Snap!

salir: to go out, to leave

Check: My First IR Verbs in a Snap!

viajar: to travel

Check: My First Ar Verbs in a Snap!

me gustaría: I’d like

sin: without

Check: “Sin” in a Snap!

manteca, mantequilla: butter

desayunar: to have breakfast

estar listo: to be ready

esperar: to expect, to hope, to wait for

recién exprimido: freshly squeezed

medialuna: croissant, crescent roll


huevos revueltos: scrambled eggs

endulzante: sweetener

Check: Masculine Nouns Ending in “E” in a Snap!

té de hierbas: herbal tea

llevaré: I will take

Check: The Simple Future in a Snap!

¿quieres que envuelva…?: do you want me to wrap?

Check: Subjunctive Triggers in a Snp: Verbs!


¿cuántos? ¿cuántas?: how many?

Check: Interrogatives in a Snap!

adorno: ornament

Check: 100 Basic Masculine Nouns in a Snap!

hemos llegado: we have arrived

Check: The Compound Past in a Snap!

vuelo: flight

alquilar, rentar: to rent

conductor: driver

estadía, estancia: stay

volver a hacer algo: to do something again

disponible: available

respecto a, con respecto a: regarding

estadounidense: American

Check: What Is “América” in Spanish?

el más cercano: the nearest

El supermercado más cercano. (The nearest supermarket).

cada vez más: increasingly, more and more


transeúnte: passerby, pedestrian

de nuevo, nuevamente, otra vez: again

variedad: variety

Check: Nouns Ending in “Dad” in a Snap”

ubicar: to locate

bastante: quite, rather, pretty

Check: Adverbs of Degree in a Snap!

esquina: corner (street)

cuadra: block (street)

de primera: top-notch, first-rate, premium

rico: rich/tasty

acabar de hacer algo: to have just done something

¡claro que sí!: of course!, certainly!

maduro: ripe

semanal: weekly

emocionado: excited

amable: kind, polite

recibo: receipt

recoger: to pick, to pick up, to fetch

Check: My Fisrt Er Verbs in a Snap!

en la pantalla: on the screen

introduzca su tarjeta: insert your card

Check: The Imperative Mood in a Snap!

No, thank you. I do not want.
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lector: reader

one-way ticket: boleto de ida

boleto de ida y vuelta: return ticket, two-way ticket

quedarse: to stay

para mí: for me

verificar: to verify

disponibilidad: availability

fecha: date

boleto: ticket (subway, train, bus)

compra: purchase

ojalá: I hope, I wish

Check: How the Heck Do We Use “Ojalá”?

gracias por: thanks for, thank you for

When learning Spanish, many people mistakenly say “gracias para”.

bolsa: shopping bag

bolso: travelling bag

bolsita: small bag, little bag

Check: Making Things Smaller and Bigger in Spanish!

funcionar: to work (indicating that something is operational and fulfilling its intended purpose)

hasta tres píldoras por día: up to three pills per day

doler: to ache

grave: severe, serious

receta médica: prescription, medical prescription

dolor de cabeza: headache

analgésico: painkiller

buscar: to look for, to search, to seek

barrio: neighborhood

segundo: second

Check: Ordinal Numbers in a Snap!

estoy a tu entera disposición: “I am at your complete disposal”, “I am entirely at your service”.


buena onda: good vibe, positive energy

deber: (in this case) to owe

esperar que: to hope that

Check: Subjunctive Triggers in a Snap: Verbs!

turista: tourist

Check: Nouns Ending in “Ista” in a Snap!

agregar/añadir: to add

genial: great, awesome

probar: to taste, to try

riquísimo: very tasty, incredibly tasty

¡se me hace agua la boca! (idiom): 

“It looks incredible”, “I can practically taste it”.

“It’s so tempting”, “I want a bite right now”.

“It’s mouthwatering”, “I’m really craving it”.

“It’s irresistible”, “I need to try it immediately”.

“It looks so delicious”, “I’m drooling over it”.

untar: to spread (a soft or liquid substance onto something, such as butter or jam on bread).

brindar: (in this case) to provide, to offer, to supply, to serve

¿qué le gustaría (a usted)?: what would you like?

We can use the verb “gustar” in the conditional mood to show respect and politeness.

Check: The Simple Conditional in a Snap!

espinaca: spinach

¿podrías (tú)? ¿podría (usted): could you?

The verb “poder” in the conditional mood can be used to show respect or politeness.
Check: The Simple Conditional in a Snap!

cenar: to have dinner

nacer: to be born

panera: bread basket

gaseosa: soda

queso rallado: grated cheese

casero: homemade

cumplir: to turn (age)

Example: “He turned 60” / “Cumplió 60 años”.

salir primero: to finish first, to come first

varios, varias: several

hacer un gol: to score a goal

comenzar a hacer algo/empezar a hacer algo: to start to do something

deportista: sportsman, sportswoman

jugador de fútbol: soccer player

erguido: standing tall

recuerdos: memories

doblarse: (in this context) to bend

perder todas las partidas: to lose every single game

el diablo pasa la factura: the devil comes to demand payment

los sueños se me rompen en pedazos: my dreams shatter into pieces

poner a alguien contra la pared: to back someone into a corner

mantenerse en pie: to stay on one’s feet

junco: reed

cuando se me cierren las salidas: (lit.) when my exits are closed

It means “”when my options run out”.

dejar en paz: to leave alone, to let someone be

cuando en mi moneda salga cruz: when my coin shows tails

In this case, it means “in difficult times”.

amenazar: to threaten

apuñalar: to stab

rendirse: to give up, to call it quits

endurecer: to harden

hierro: iron

Check: Spanish Metals in a Snap!

resistiré: I will resist

Check: The Simple Future in a Snap!

desigual: (in this case) unfair, uneven, bad

Dios: God

carnaval: carnival

Check: Nouns Ending in “Al” in a Snap!

nadie: nobody, no one

Check: Spanish Negatives in a Snap!

contagiar: to infect

maltratar: to mistreat

pecar: to sin

tan sólo: just, only

solo: alone

quejarse: to complain

gozar: to enjoy, to rejoice

se van: they go away

penas: sorrows, woes, hardships

hay que: we have to/one has to

Check: What Is “Hay Que”?

todo aquel: whoever

Check: How Do We Say “Whoever” in Spanish?

seguir: to follow / to continue

Check: The Many Meaning of “Seguir” in a Snap!


creer: to believe

varios: several

América: The Americas

Check: What Is “América” in Spanish?

para que: so, so that

Check: “Para Que” in a Snap! 


proveer: to provide with

cuidar: to take care

cuidar a alguien: to take care of someone

pertenecer: to belong

latinoamericana: Latin American (singular feminine)

Check: Uppercase in English, Lowercase in Spanish!

vida nocturna: nightlife

acuerdo: agreement

cada cuatro años: every four years

sur: south

norte: north

cordillera: mountain range

Check: Basic Spanish Geography in a Snap!

afrontar algo: to face something

tratar de: to try to

negar: to deny

lidiar con: to deal with

incluso si: even if

¡sonríe!: smile!

Check: The Imperative Mood in a Snap!

mantener la buena onda: to keep a good mood

codazo amistoso: friendly nudge

“Al mal tiempo, buena cara”: “In bad times, good face”

dicho: saying

diversión: amusement

estrecho: narrow

este: east

bulliciosa: bustling

paisajes: landscapes

portuaria: port (feminine adjective)

Check Adjectives we don’t have in English!

mariscos: seafood

Naciones Unidas: United Nations

oeste: west

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